Andrzej Sosnowski

  • fot. Ela Lempp

Born in Warsaw in 1959, Sosnowski lectures in American Literature at Warsaw University and is a translator and member of the editorial staff of Literatura na Swiecie. He has won the Illakowiczowna Prize for best first poems of 1992 and the Koscielski and Odra Prizes (both in 1997). Sosnowski's work deliberately has as little to do with ready-made, re-usable forms. It is a one-time-only, arbitrary art. The poet analyzes the word not to penetrate to the essence of its meaning, but rather to show that in its present context it means almost nothing. It is a sound that occupies a certain place in the space of human life. As a result, the "feeling and speaking" protagonist of Sosnowski's verse experiences his own randomness, while learning that spiritual sterility can be overcome only when it is recognized as a crucial and - paradoxically - an insoluble problem of the human interior. Sosnowski keeps his poems outside the repertoire of accepted wisdom and familiar significances. He also undermines the coherence of the concepts of fiction, dream, waking, and nothingness. Dream images hardly differ from "ordinary" ones. An important characteristic of this poetry is the awareness that all human consciousness is accessible only indirectly, in a partially fictionalized form. The most significant factor is language, which hinders comprehension and dooms us to nightmares or to insomnia. The ultimate goal of poetry should therefore be the "breaking" of language.


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