Artur Szlosarek

  • fot. Andrzej Pilichowski Ragno

This poet, born in Cracow in 1968, studied comparative literature in Bonn, and settled in the latter city. He has published verse in Zeszyty Literackie, bruLion and Tygodnik Powszechny, and has been awarded the Koscielski Prize. The eminent literary critic Marian Stala regards Szlosarek's work as "one of the most mature and astounding phenomena in the new literature". Szlosarek was initially regarded as a neoclassical poet, speaking in a voice attuned to the history of culture and concerned by the lack of metaphysical or even social guarantees for poetry. Today, he has emerged as a poet expressing profound existential experiences. Szlosarek, however, is more than a poet of a single mood. He is also an artist in search of sense among contradictions that grind against each other, remembering his right to choose and his right to hope.


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  • List do ściany, Kraków: WL, 2000.
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  • Pod obcym niebem, Kraków: WL, 2005.
  • Święto szparagów, Wydawnictw a5, 2010.
  • Ołówek rzeźnika, Poznań: WBPiCAK, 2012

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