Dariusz Bitner

A novelist and writer of short stories, literary sketches and children's books, Dariusz Bitner was born in Gdynia in 1954, and currently lives in Szczecin. After breaking into print in 1970, he went on to publish over the subsequent decades in Twórczość and Radar – two literary magazines, as well as writing satirical radio programs. Bitner is regarded as part of the Twórczość group - writers favoring avant-garde works "in language," and constantly experimenting in order to broaden their horizons through variable narrative forms, neologisms, etc. Bitner is an unquestioned stylist who works from a rich palette of linguistic means in order to convey an artistic world in which elements of objective reality and his own internal, subjective experiences flow together. He is bold in his use of colloquial language and in penetrating spheres connected with human eroticism and physiology and is thus sometimes regarded as being iconoclastic or provocative. Yet he seems to have a faith in the authenticity of the wide range of experiences connected with corporeality. The body does not lie – in comparison with the external, interpersonal world, it is deserving of trust. For Bitner, physiology and instinct seem to intersect precisely in the act of writing, viewed as a fundamental form of human activity.



  • Proza, Szczecin 1979.
  • Ptak, Kraków: WL, 1981.
  • Cyt, Kraków: WL, 1982.
  • Owszem, Warszawa: Czytelnik, 1984.
  • Kfazimodo, Kraków: WL, 1989.
  • Ciąg dalszy, Szczecin: Glob, 1989.
  • Trzy razy, Warszawa: PIW, 1995.
  • Chcę, żądam, rozkazuję, Szczecin: Basil, 1995.
  • Bulgulula, Szczecin: Basil, 1996.
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  • Rak, Szczecin: Bazil, 1998.
  • Hm... Chcę, żądam, rozkazuję II, Szczecin: Basil, 1999.
  • Na strychu,Szczecin: Basil, 1999.
  • Mna: Chcę, żądam, rozkazuję III, Szczecin: Basil, 2000.
  • Psie dni, Szczecin: Basil, 2001.
  • Piszę, Szczecin: Basil, 2003.
  • Mała pornografia, Szczecin: Basil, 2003.
  • Książka, Szczecin-Bezrzecze: Forma, 2006


    Children's Books:
  • Bajka, Warszawa: KAW, 1979.
  • Opowieści Chrystoma, Szczecin: Albatros, 1992.


  • Fino in fondo in an anthology "Racconti dalla Polonia; Preobrazba i The Methamorphosis in an anthology "Vilenica 95".