Edward Redliński

  • fot. Wiktor Wołkow

Born in a peasant family near Bialystok in 1940 and a graduate of Warsaw Polytechnic and the School of Journalism, Redlinski is a journalist and novelist with emotional and artistic ties to his native region. His best works are about the villages near Bialystok: the stories Letters from a Rhubarb, which won the Pietak Prize; Konopielka, a phenomenal novel about the confrontation between the peasant mentality and urban civilization; Upward Mobility, (also in a stage version), which deals with a similar theme; and the play Rectangle, 1976. Redlinski was in New York from 1981-1991. He did not find American culture congenial. His bitter emigré experiences are described in the novels Dolorado and Szczuropolacy (Rat-Poles, filmed by Janusz Zaorski as Szczesliwgo Nowego Jorku, 1997). Redlinski's strong points are his excellent ear, his style, his sense of humor, his unembarrassed eroticism, his "peasant" and "masculine" identity, his straightforwardness and honesty.


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