Marcin Sendecki

  • photo by Krzysztof Dubiel / Instytut Książki

Born in Gdansk in 1967, a concrete poet regarded as one of the outstanding artists of his generation. Sendecki has been associated from the start with bruLion. His first book, From On High was published by the magazine. He would agree with Tadeusz Rozewicz that "the reduced world/ is always /very concentrated". Sendecki's verse is thoroughly laconic. It contains a great deal of irony towards the world and a cool restraint in regard to the poet's own work. There are hardly any gestures addressed to the reader, or designed to make the inner world of the verse more accessible, encouraging or comfortable. The works are undercut from within by a sardonic aversion to all identification or familiarity. The crystalline verse sparkles with fragments of a social panorama. Sendecki's earlier verse, in particular, expressed his views on the state of spiritual disintegration and aridity that marked the end of communism and the beginnings of the new order. Sendecki won fame for his poem This Time There Will Be No Victims. Sendecki comes across as an ethical maximalist who is wounded by the imperfections and vacancy of existing ways of thinking. The poet attempts a precise and economical description of the distance between expression and sense, desire and fulfillment, existence and essence, greatness and smallness. He avoids pathos or hysteria as he records varieties of dissonance and alienation.


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