Marcin Świetlicki

  • fot. Adrian Fichman / EMG

Born in Lublin in 1961, he has lived in Cracow since 1980. He Studied Polish at the Jagiellonian University, works as a proofreader at Tygodnik Powszechny. He has won various literary prizes, including the 1996 Koscielski Prize and Gdynia Literary Award'2009. An impaired and alien cult poet, he is by his own definition someone who has "never really or completely been in the mainstream". Swietlicki's work has an intense effect across the literary spectrum: critics have not remained indifferent, the public eagerly buys up new editions, and young people identify with his message, perhaps because he has also fronted the rock group Świetliki since 1993. He is almost always seen as an outsider, a rebel, and a voluntary exile from the spheres of official culture. On the other hand, being an outsider means, in this case, not only standing off to the side, being rootless, discouraged, indifferent, prickly and harsh, but also being an alert and sensitive observer of a false reality, exposing the animality of his own and others, that is hidden behind the facade of culture and faith. He is a critic of manners, an ironist, a traumatic patriot. He has not cut himself off from public life "once and for all," but rather "again and again," and he keeps scratching at old wounds.



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