Urszula Kozioł

  • photo by Krzysztof Dubiel / Instytut Książki

Born into a teachers' family in a village near Bilgoray in the Lublin district in 1931, she has been associated since the end of the war with Wroclaw, where she studied Polish, lives, and writes. A poet, novelist, columnist, editor at "Odra" in Wroclaw, and a collaborator with the Kalambur Theatre, Koziol has won the Pietak, Koscielski, City of Wroclaw, and Ministry of Art and Culture Prizes, as well as many other awards. She is a passionate traveller who has journeyed throughout Europe and America, leaving a trail of poems. Urszula Koziol's work is marked by broad poetic gestures, a need to refer to the whole wealth of nature, and vast, sometimes exotic cultural resources. Eden or Versailles are always the background for her landscapes. Provencal love lyrics, the story of Tristan and Isolde, or the tales of Othello and Penelope are the background for her lovers. The intersection of myth and ordinary life also marks her language. Without losing sight of the concrete, how can we bear in mind all that is permanent and infinite? Urszula Koziol manages to do so. Her poetry is full of the aroma of hay and the taste of eternity.


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