Mirosław Nahacz

  • fot. Mikołaj Małek

1984-2007, prose and screenplay writer; made his debut as a teenager with the novel Eight Four (2003); he was considered the wünderkind of Polish prose; he later published the novels Bombel (2004) and The Stork and Lola (2006); he co-authored the screenplays for the series A Test in Living" his death was untimely and tragic.

Mirosław Nahacz made his debut with a coming-of-age novel called Eight Four, in which he presented a group of teenagers standing on the threshold of adult life, having to make decisions that would be key to their later destinies. He described a series of parties and gatherings of the protagonists, generously doused in alcohol and fueled by narcotics, trying to acquaint the reader with young people’s lifestyles ca. the early 21st century, without shying away from foul language. Nahacz next novel, Bombel, was a total stylistic and thematic departure from his first work. The young author was inspired by both the work of Andrzej Stasiuk and Czech prose. The main protagonist of the novel is a village drunk named Bombel, who spends all day long sitting at a bus stop. He weaves tragicomic tales from country life, depicting stories of marginalized people and a world where lack is a constant ("I think that things are basically real bad, because we’re always short of everything, and whatever we haven’t got is more important than what we have"). In The Stork and Lola Nahacz performed another stylistic about-turn, creating what literary critics described as "hallucinogenic prose". The complicated, enigmatic action of the novel hovers on the border between dream and consciousness, truth and the imaginary, narcotic hallucination and reality. The protagonists helplessly slide between the various levels of the world represented, attempting to define the ontological status of the worlds they find themselves in, and to discover their own identities.


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