Jean de La Fontaine
  • Widnokrąg
    Piaseczno 2015
    illustrations: Joanna Bartosik, Ada Birecka, Anna Chmielnik, Monika Jaworowska-Duchlińska, Paweł Mildner, Mateusz Piestrak, Agnieszka Srokosz, Agnieszka Świętek
    text: Jean de La Fontaine
    200 × 200 mm
    64 pages
    ISBN: 978-83-938652-8-4

The book contains eight poems by La Fontaine in translations from different historical periods to testify to their timelessness. Its graphic layout is subordinate to the classic character of the fables and gives them a certain rhythm. The poems were illustrated by eight young designers, who succeeded in achieving a harmonious whole in spite of using a variety of techniques. Full-spread illustrations add space to the fables, subdued colours are juxtaposed with blue, which plays the leading role and marks informative elements of the text. An example of successful cooperation of many artists, working together to present the universal content of the Master’s immortal fables.

- Krystyna Rybicka, PS IBBY

Book of the year 2015 Graphic Nomination / Illustrations