Antelope Seeks a Hunter, The

Wojciech Albiński
Antelope Seeks a Hunter, The
  • Twój Styl
    Warszawa 2006
    110 x 185
    164 pages
    ISBN: 83-7163-500-1
    Translation rights: Wojciech Albiński

"The Antelope Seeks a Hunter" is a set of six short stories about contemporary Africa. It opens with a story resembling fictionalised reportage, entitled "Death of a Plantation Owner", about a strange African film studio and its stars. By contrast, the collection closes with an intriguing parable entitled "Moro and the Master". These two very different texts are the two extremes towards which Albiński’s writing tends. On the one hand, he exposes gritty social reality and tries to be as close as possible to the daily life around him in modern South Africa. On the other, he is also willing to generalise; he aims to convince his readers that events happening on the Dark Continent are common to all people, universal and invariable. Thus in the title story, and also in "A New Unexpected Career", Albiński describes the fortunes of two white men who are trying to find their place in post-apartheid South Africa. The gem of the collection is "Which of You Committed Genocide?" which is about the very recent and bloody tribal fighting between Tutsi and Hutu peoples in Rwanda. Its main characters are two doctors, a Frenchman and his African wife, who was educated in Belgium. The story is about the trauma resulting from the tribal massacres, and convinces us, as do many of Albiński’s stories, that Western man has little chance of getting to the bottom of African issues, especially those particular conflicts.

Dariusz Nowacki