Olga Tokarczuk
  • Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy
    Warszawa, I 1995, II 1998
    122 x 195
    208 pages
    ISBN: 83-06-02444-3

E.E. is Olga Tokarczuk's second novel. The book is a study of a girl's maturity, who suddenly gains parapsychic abilities and at the same time loses them again. This is also a story about Central Europe in an era of change - from the end of the nineteenth century to the outbreak of the First World War. Exceptionally interesting structurally, connected to the tradition of the psychological novel, presenting facts in a many-sided light, the novel was the publishing sensation of 1995.

"In her new novel, Olga Tokarczuk tries (...) to reach the forgotten paradigm, Modernism, to open up (...) an already immemorial way of sensing the world (...) in order to show how little Mystery has, in point of fact, given into the human desire for knowledge." (Jerzy Jarzebski)