Like Another, A

Daniel Karpiński
Like Another, A
  • Wydawnictwo Literackie
    Kraków, 1998
    123 x 197
    424 pp
    ISBN: 83-08-02817-9

This is an outstanding, exceptionally interesting debut of an author (b. 1954) who has lived and worked as an architect in Toronto for years, the creator of award winning radio drama, short stories and academic publications. The book is a modern tale in the style of Umberto Eco. It tells of the visit to Poland of a forty-year old architect, Pawel, who lives in Canada, about his attempts to confer new meanings to meetings, places and things from the past. It is also a treatise on the subject of the theory of town planning and the development of architecture, which masks a multi-themed symbolical-sensational novel. "The distance from Poland (...), the concentration on spiritual life and the sphere intertwined with symbols, allowing one to transcend a superficial analysis of reality. The ability to find the intriguing, and even sensational depth in every - seemingly trivial - matter. These are the most important pluses of Daniel Karpinski's debut novel."

- Przemyslaw Czaplinski, Gazeta Wyborcza