Land of the Music-Boxes, The

Tomasz Małyszek
  • © by W.A.B.
    Warsaw 2001
    125 x 195
    344 pages
    hard cover
    ISBN 83-88221-16-7
    translation rights: W.A.B. rights avaiable

The plot of this book is set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in Berlin, Africa, and Zakopane. The author tells the story of two brothers, Johannes and Franz, in a style according to the tradition of the adventure novel. The adventures of a fugitive from a Berlin prison and a Prussian officer, who is a member of a colonial expedition, make up a dramatic, complex and lively story. The climate of decadence and transformation cowers down under the whodunit plot, which is as vigorous and fantastic as the novels of Jules Verne. Malyszek is no stranger to the spirit of literary games and has a penchant for pastiche, as befits a late 20th-century author.

"This author is able to keep the reader curious in a simple but extremely successful way." (Krzysztof Uminski)

Tomasz Malyszek (b. 1971), prose writer, a graduate of German Language and Literature interested in the German Postmodernist prose. Author of numerous stories published in the Polish literary press, as well as academic articles in German, and co-author of several translations.