Krystian Lupa
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 2001
    125 x 195
    320 pages
    ISBN 83-88221-69-8

An extraordinary narrative and reflective account by a highly renowned theatre director. An intimate journal for the years 1990-2000 presented in the framework of a story about the microcosm of childhood, that wild and cruel period in life; about the first and final, mature and senile, experience of corporality and sexuality; on death, disappointed friendship and travels. This book shows how close to the last things are the "naked, unprocessed, shameless facts" of an attentively experienced everyday life.

"Let's try not to tell only those things which have always been told. Let's try to capture what has never yet been touched on." (Krystian Lupa)

Krystian Lupa (b. 1943), theatre director, his productions are situated on the boundary between theatre and life. He has built up a reputation for his poetic adaptations in Polish of the German Modernist prose-writers, Musil, Rilke, Bernhardt, and Broch. He is coming to be more widely known in Europe, and his productions are presented in Paris and Edinburgh.