An Open Letter to Queen Victoria

Anna Bojarska
An Open Letter to Queen Victoria
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 2001
    125 x 195
    340 pp
    ISBN 83-88221-72-8

An eventful and busy year and a half in the life of a talented and lively journalist. During this time Toska Misztal changes jobs and emotional partners, goes hungry in London, writes shocking articles for a glossy magazine and makes an erotic discovery... At the same time she lives in the past, reminiscing about her experience of otherness and rebellion, life in the country in an artistic family. The letter in the title to the Queen of England shows the heroine's longing for something which is missing from her world - however remote the Victorian world may be.

Anna Bojarska's novel, with a narrative as restless as the character of Toska, is a convincing presentation of the truth about the life and feelings of the modern emancipated woman.

Anna Bojarska, writer, novelist, essayist and playwright, commutes between Warsaw and Paris. Provocative and shocking, she is a controversialist, who attracts attention with her avant-garde clothes, jewellery, the colour of her nail polish as well as her columns for a women's magazine.