Grzegorz Strumyk
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 2000
    125 x 195
    136 pages
    ISBN 83-88221-00-0

Grzegorz Strumyk's novel shows the flip side of a reality which we do not want to face every day: he confronts us with the world of the outsiders of our society. Two tramps, a man and a woman, live in an abandoned warehouse. They are not only homeless in the social sense: their fate testifies to humankind's more profound loneliness. The author describes the heroes with great sensitivity, by uniting realism with a poetic vision. Strumyk writes of a homelessness which is one of the basic experiences of human existence.

"Without doubt one of the most subtle books to have been published recently." (Edyta Wnuk)

Grzegorz Strumyk (b. 1958), writer, poet, published his first collection of short stories, The Destruction of the Beans, in 1992. He is also a painter and photographer.