Antoni Libera
  • Znak
    Kraków 1998
    140 x 205
    392 pages
    ISBN 83-7006-817-0

The novel is a humorous, self-ironical portrait of the artist from his youth, growing up in the reality of communist Poland at the close of the 1970s. The narrator tells of his years of study and fascination for a beautiful, mysterious, older woman - the Madame of the title - who teaches him French and gives him lessons in freedom. It is at the same time a tale of the need to dream, of faith in the power of the word and the nature of myth, but also a sarcastic evening of the score with the epoch of the Polish People's Republic. The traditional narration, not devoid of sensation, bursts with witticism, and with it ample digression, it holds suspense, entertains, charms and moves.