Marta Podgórnik
  • Biuro Literackie Port Legnica
    Legnica 2000
    ISBN 83-88515-03-9

Marta Podgornik's poetry is characterised by an unusually dramatic force, linguistic liveliness and inventiveness when discovering or creating new lyrical situations which arouse the reader's curiosity - and this despite her intellectual, and particularly her formal discipline. Paradiso, a book about the attempts to 'settle down' into a casual relationship, subjugates all 'concepts and terms' which are connected either with the topos home, community and happiness, or with loneliness, grief and despair, to an ironic vivisection. This a clearly a 'metapoetic' volume, in which the trends and techniques fashionable in literature do not form the basis for duplicating already existent patterns, but are partners in a dialogue which one both appreciates and destroys.

- Adam Wiedemann