Bell-Ringer's Last Toll

Gustaw Herling-Grudziński
Bell-Ringer's Last Toll
  • Czytelnik
    Warszawa 2000
    125 x 196
    69 pp
    ISBN 83-07-02760-8

The Bell-Ringer's Last Toll, Herling-Grudziński's last story, is tale of a child who, having suffered a dreadful injustice, finds himself in a state of 'walled-inness', of self-imposed seclusion from the world and a withdrawal into himself. Decades later, a miracle occurs: the walls which enclosed him draw apart for a certain time, and a person who feels gentle love, passionate anger and a despairingly open sense of mission appears. It is none other than Fra Nafta, a Jewish child who was saved from a burning house and brought up by Franciscans, who is endowed with the moral right and divine mandate to attempt to tell to a world grown deaf to the sacrum that evil has not yet disappeared and that suffering is meaningful.

- Piotr Śliwiński