Through the river

Andrzej Stasiuk
Through the river
  • Czarne
    Wołowiec, wyd. I 1996; II 1998
    123 x 195
    154 pages
    ISBN: 83-86744-54-4 (I wyd.); 83-87391-02-6 (II wyd.)

Through the River is a collection of stories about fugitives from the city, desperate outsiders who have been unlucky in love, long for an idyll, hold mediocre normality in contempt, and set out on an existential journey to the boundary. This is dark, unsettling prose about the sensual experience of the world. Innocence, eroticism, corporeality, and downfalls - in a word, the oldest obsessions in the world.

"The boundary of knowledge marked by nothingness is perhaps the most difficult but also the most fascinating motif in this book, linking Through the River with the earlier Galician Tales. To touch existence is to touch the forms that existence has left behind in the abyss."

- Przemyslaw Czaplinski