Dariusz Bitner
  • Wydawnictwo Basil
    Szczecin 1998
    125 x 195
    150 pages
    ISBN: 83-907438-1-7

The volume consists of the novel series about the fortunes of Jan Pandarek. This is a book about love, destiny and responsibility, about childhood, its loss and regain, about the rift between the externalness of this world and the deepest intimacy.

"Hush belongs - through the absence of external features of poetry - to strict sense poetry, it is poetic epos in which the narration on the bodily coexistence of man and woman is the poetry of primordiality and - at the same time - the civilised present of the existence of man." (Henryk Bereza)

"The story of Jan Pandarek mutilates your soul and leaves you with an open wound for it is the story of you." (Baborak)