Jacek Inglot
  • Zysk i S-ka
    Poznań, 1997
    125 x 195
    240 pages
    ISBN: 83-7150-287-7

The brilliant plot, full of unexpected turns in action, makes Quietus one of the most interesting Polish fantasy novels of recent years. It is an alternative story telling of a world without Christianity, where the Roman emperor Julian roots out the so-called Apostate with fire and sword. The action of the novel takes place in the seventh century AD, in the Roman province of Venedia, in Rome as well as in Nip, a mysterious island state situated on the edge of the known world. It is from there that prince Tsuomi comes, possessed with the obsession to search for the book describing God's life, and the teacher of the annihilated Christians, Jesus of Nazareth. He is convinced that in Venedia, in deep secrecy, there lives the last group of adherents to the prohibited religion in the Roman Empire...

"There is no doubt that Quietus is a superb work which I read with envy." (Marek Oramus, Fenix)