Jan Józef Szczepański
  • Wydawnictwo Literackie
    Kraków 2001
    123 x 197
    100 pages
    ISBN 83-08-03102-1

Szczepanski's book consists of five stories presenting an attempt to come to terms with history and life - about underground combatants who are forced to retreat from a fighting Warsaw; about a German criminal and erstwhile Auschwitz kapo who flees and joins a group of Polish underground combatants pretending to be an Australian and wanting to be on the right side; about parents who are not coping very well with the upbringing of their Satanist son.... The author confronts his characters with the difficult moral choices of the period of the Second World War and wartime occupation, the post-war period, and the recent years of the 20th century, allowing his reader to follow the unpredictable affairs of individuals involved in history and politics; he is invariably striking for his simplicity and classically graceful style.