St. Idiot

Cezary Wodziński
St. Idiot
  • słowo/obraz terytoria
    Gdańsk 2000
    160 x 225
    277 pp
    ISBN 83-88560-70-0

The Russian Holy Madman, the yurodivy, belongs to the remote past. It would be hard to meet one today on the streets of Russian cities or in the cloisters of the Orthodox monasteries. However, vestiges of his erstwhile presence in both of these locations are still to be seen, as Wodziński shows. He argues very convincingly that not only is the Orthodox Madman waiting for his historian, but - more importantly - that nowadays this mysterious individual is becoming something of a mirror, in which the astonished modern man can see his own reflection.

"A brilliant book" (Res Publica)

Cezary Wodzinski, a philosopher whose main interests are the ideas of Heidegger and Shestov, and the problem of evil. His book Heidegger and the Problem of Evil was published by Oxford University Press in 2000.