World Watcher

Manuela Gretkowska
World Watcher
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 1998
    125 x 195
    ISBN: 83-87021-48-2

Manuela Gretkowska's book is a collection of stories of travels to India, Australia, China and North Africa. This is an extremely personal wander through various religions and cultures. This time in order to take accepted truths to the limit of absurdity, in order to show the illusions in which we live, limited to a single cultural circle, the author has taken on the role of a perceptive and at times wilful witness, of a traveller surrendering to the rhythm of events. " 'We belong to the homocafé, that wandering tribe sitting out at the café tables of the world.' (Swiatowidz - World Watcher). Books like World Watcher show superbly the mentality of the European at the end of our century, who has lost touch with his own local sacrum and searches for its equivalents in other cultures."

- Maria Cyranowicz