Jurek Zielonka
  • Znak
    Kraków 2000
    144 x 205
    264 pages
    ISBN 83-7006-397-7

Tadzio is an entertaining and warm story of a young man at the threshold of maturity, which is set mainly in the picturesque scenery of the Alps. The hero, a naive dreamer and aesthete, who, moreover, has been entrusted with a secret mission, succumbs to the whispers of his heart and the play of fantasy, becomes entwined in a series of adventures and makes decisions which eventually permit him to become better acquainted with himself and with the world around him. The book should please all readers who appreciate humour, have a taste for irony and are not scared off by the author's plays on the metaliterary. For the story is also about the not always clear boundaries between truth and lies, fiction and reality.

Jurek Zielonka (b. 1955) graduated in Romance Studies at the University of Wroclaw and worked for some time as a language assistant at the Alliance Francaise. He has lived in Perth, Australia, since 1981.