Tango for Three

Maria Nurowska
Tango for Three
  • Wydawnictwo Siedmioróg
    Wrocław 1997
    143 x 203
    167 pages
    ISBN: 83-7162-239-2

Tango for Three was supposed to be fun, a literary game, but turned into a game of life and death. The narrator is a young actress, who together with her husband and his former wife are rehearsing for the premiere of Bulgakov's Moliere and his two life partners. So a marriage threesome on stage and in life. These two planes mutually penetrate, life mixes with art, but never without consequence. Who is going to pay? The narrator? All the individuals of the drama? Tango for Three is one of Maria Nurowska'a most unusual novels.

"This novel is a shock for me myself." (Maria Nurowska)