Marek Bieńczyk
  • Sic!
    Warszawa 1999
    125 x 195
    200 pages
    ISBN: 83-86-056-56-8

Sonia is 20 and loves Olek; Jurek is 22 and loves Sonia. Olek is a member of the clandestine resistance movement. Sonia and Jurek work in the administrative offices of a hospital in the outskirts of Warsaw. One day, leaving behind a letter to Jurek, Sonia disappears without warning. Marek Bienczyk's newest novel is set in the German occupation and in the present, and it explores the mystery of Sonia and her letter. (Tworki is the name of a mental institution outside Warsaw.)

The book was nominated for The NIKE Literary Award in '99.