Omnipresence of Order

Adam Wiedemann
Omnipresence of Order
  • Zielona Sowa
    Kraków 1997
    74 pages
    ISBN: 83-86740-99-X

The Omnipresence of Order is the prose debut of Adam Wiedemann. The collection of short stories met with great interest on the part of critics. Reviews of which were published by all the significant literary journals in the country. Wiedemann's prose has been put on a level with that of M. Bialoszewski and A. Stasiuk, while Wiedemann himself is defined most often - after H. Bereza - as "a writer of free ridicule, a writer of internal freedom". "This prose is not only written totally by ear, careful, unpretentious, and ironic: it says unexpectedly important things about important things" (Michal Cichy). The Omnipresence of Order was nominated for the prestigious literary award Nike in 1998.