From Auszwitz to Belsen

Marian Pankowski
  • Czytelnik
    Warszawa 2000
    125 x 195
    87 pages
    ISBN 83-07-02759-4

From Auszwitz to Belsen is the deeply moving description of a sojourn of several years in Auschwitz concentration camp and other German camps. The everyday life of the prisoners, degraded to an animal-like existence, and their humiliating habituation to the evils of camp life and the inhumane regulations which govern there, are portrayed in the form of short, impressionistic images.

"The subtitle Adventures, as in the case of Marian Pankowski's book From Auschwitz to Belsen, can elicit a feeling of consternation in the reader. For the word 'adventure' is reserved for light, escapist airport literature. But a spell in concentration camps as a series of adventures? Marian Pankowski questions everything to which the reader has become accustomed, that which has congealed, ossified." (Piotr Szewc)

The book was nominated for the 2001 NIKE Award.