Evening Twilight and Early Morn

Piotr Szewc
Evening Twilight and Early Morn
  • Wydawnictwo Literackie
    Kraków 2000
    123 x 197
    144 pages
    ISBN 83-08-03027-0

Evening Twilight and Early Morn is a magical, astonishingly compact, metaphysical story, full of evocative details and lyrical descriptions of a single day in the Zamosc district,somewhere in eastern Poland, some time before the Second World War. Reading this book "bewitches the reader, but at the same time elicits a vague longing and sense of sorrow. We yearn for something irrevocably lost, like distant childhood. The longing is for the sense of paradisical timelessness which we have lost forever."

"Here, then, is the hundred-and-forty page hymn in honour of existence. One would like to quote from it, but this is impossible because one would have to copy out the entire book." (Katarzyna Bienkowska)

The book was nominated for the 2001 NIKE Award.

Piotr Szewc (b. 1961) poet, writer, literary critic. The author of Annihilation which has been translated into six languages.