Tale of Song and Notes, A

Lidia Bajkowska
Tale of Song and Notes, A
  • © by Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN S.A.
    188 x 205
    83 pages
    ISBN: 83-01-11078-3

This is a beautifully illustrated, charming story of a girl named Song and children-notes. A simple plot unnoticeably introduces the young reader to the world of sounds. We meet here the musical forest, professors Bass and Violin, the land of low and high sounds, and the musical city of Symphony. Through visual association and play, children will assimilate basic musical terms. This unique, original and unconventional concept of teaching music to the youngest was tested by the author in her long years of teaching and is widely used in Polish primary schools. The manual has been recommended by the Ministry of Education in Poland. In 1995, it was also included in the very prestigious list of UNICEF publications.