Feline Tales

Tomasz Trojanowski
Feline Tales
  • Literatura
    128 pages
    ISBN: 978-83-7672-018-0

A collection of semi-fantastic stories where the main characters are the author and his three cats. Endowed with strong personalities and intelligence, and also able to communicate "the human way," the cats are strikingly reminiscent of spoiled children, but never lose their specifically feline traits. The skillfully drawn characters are every bit as noteworthy as the originality of the ideas, the humor, the clever incidents and the lively, surprising dialogues. The author's sense of distance and his ability to feel his way into the minds of his childlike animals make the book universal, with qualities to amuse pre-schoolers, primary school children, and more than a few adult readers. Kornel Makuszynski Literary Prize, 1998.