Not So Snow White

Bohdan Butenko
Not So Snow White
  • Graphic design by Bohdan Butenko
    Nasza Księgarnia
    168 pages
    190 x 205
    ISBN 978-83-10-11452-5
    Age 5+

The latest book written and illustrated by this excellent graphic artist contains alternative versions of four popular fairytales. So here we find: the characters from Little Red Riding Hood bored with endlessly repeating the same old formula; a Cinderella with a shoe size 50, who has no wish whatsoever to go to the ball, and when in spite of all she does go, ends up helping the cooks to make pancakes; Jack and Jill causing trouble in several “alien” fairytales because they’re always getting lost; and a highly politicised version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Glittering with absurd, surreal jokes, these witty fairytale pastiches are appealing reading for children at any age. The younger ones will be delighted by the comedy of errors, the older ones by the multiple layers of meaning and the fun and games within the text.

Literary nomination 2009