Eri and the Dragon

Jacek Inglot
Eri and the Dragon
  • Illustrated by Kamila Stankiewicz
    Skrzat Stanisław Porębski
    304 pages
    137 x 195
    ISBN 978-83-7437-369-2
    Age 8+

The new book by this well-known fantasy writer and literary critic tells the tale of a fantastic journey, using lots of familiar literary leitmotifs from fairytales and legends. It describes the wanderings of an unusual little girl through a gloomy forest and some mysterious lands. She has been given a mission to save the only dragon’s egg in the world and to take it to a good witch, because if it were to fall into the hands of the cunning wizard it would strengthen his evil power and help him to take over the world. Eri is pursued by the wizard’s malevolent envoys and persecuted by him in her dreams. However, it is not the difficult journey that turns out to be the most important thing, but the even harder decision Eri has to take at the end of it – a decision that will mark the ultimate victory of good over evil and love over tyranny. A well written novel with a fairytale atmosphere and a noble message.

Literary nomination 2009