Tuner, The

Tomasz Trojanowski
Tuner, The
  • Literature, Łódź, 2014
    145 x 205 mm
    128 pp
    ISBN: 978-83-7672-326-6

Teenage Cyprian plays the guitar. As his friends would say, he plays it because he has to. One day he receives a mysterious gift. It is an analogue disc, with an incomprehensible message inscribed on it: Vernus Usso. Cyprian tries to find out more about the mysterious present. It turns out that the disc has never been published, and to all intents and purposes… doesn’t really exist. This and other clues lead Cyprian to discover the truth about himself. He is the Tuner, who recognises real sounds and is able to fish them out of a sea of false notes. He alone can tune the Octavon, he alone can conquer Evil and save the world from ultimate destruction. The Tuner is a realistic story that stirs the imagination and prompts the reader to think about himself and the modern world.