Digital publishing technologies from Poland


Digital publishing technologies from Poland

The Polish publishing industry is not only about traditional books. Our national inborn creativity and passion for new technologies has brought the Publishing Technologies from Poland – PubTechPoland – initiative to life. The initiative aims to introduce the joined forces of Polish publishing software companies to the world.

We believe that technology loves reading so it is best presented with a direct reference to all kinds of literature. Therefore, thanks to Polish Book Institute, we will have an opportunity to show you the most interesting digital publishing solutions that are used by millions of readers worldwide every day. Join us at the Polish Pavilion 4B20.

Tuesday March 14th , 2017

11.30 – 12.30
Digital Poland: New Trends in Publishing from The Witchers Homeland (edu-tech, gamification and so forth)
Cross Media Theatre

Recently, the top publishing players have recognized the potential of Polish software companies. Our inborn creativity and passion for new technologies helps us be the trendsetters in the industry. Pearson acquired to develop MyLab & MasteringAmazon’s text-to-speech software comes from Ivona Software. We are conquering the world with the BETT-awarded ‘Olive Green’ interactive ELT course (SuperMemo) or the ‘Witcher’ video game based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novel. Want to know more? Join me to discover Polish digital publishing innovations used by millions of users worldwide.

Speakers: Marcin Skrabka, CEO,

Wednesday March 15th, 2017

Polish Pavilion 4B20

SuperMemo: Olive Green by SuperMemo: A New Chapter in Edutainment

Olive Green ( is a ground-breaking combination of an interactive feature film and a comprehensive English course at A1-C1 levels, including a set of two books. Olive Green employs games, decision making, speech-driven dialogues, massive learning content and spaced repetition to provide top edutainment. The project has received awards from The London Book Fair in 2016 (Education Learning Resources Award), the British Educational Suppliers Association (BETT Award 2016), British Council, New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films (Gold World Medal 2016), among others.  

Speaker: Alicja Jankowiak, Editor-in-Chief, SuperMemo

Arta Tech: E-book lovers use e-readers

A big part of new generation of book lovers who buy and read lots of new books, often choose e-books over traditional paperbacks. The majority of them read on dedicated devices, which provide the most comfort and convenience - electronic E Ink e-readers. What do we make? Easily customizable e-reader and selling systems suitable for all e-book retailers without integration costs. Our business, logistics, support and technology solutions allow to integrate the E Ink e-reader into an existing e-book system and to build the loyalty of book lovers as easily as set up a mobile application.

Speaker: Paweł Horbaczewski, President, Arta Tech

Learnetic: Adaptive, Personalized Learning and Big Data the Authoring Tool Which Starts It All

The future of educational publishing goes far beyond regular content delivery. It is more and more about recognizing the students' needs and skills and the ability to provide individual learning paths and gather relevant data for monitoring the educational efficiency at all levels -from individual students up to national educational systems. This presentation will discuss the basic features and requirements for digital content and content creation tools in the context of today's challenges posed by adaptive and personalized learning methodology.

Speaker: Artur Dyro, CEO, Learnetic

Legimi: Legimi & Booklikes - the ebooks subscription service and community of book lovers

During this presentation we will share lessons learnt from a leading ebook subscription service in Central Europe and present the benefits publishers gain from promoting their titles in the Booklikes community.

Speaker: Mikołaj Małaczyński ,CEO, Legimi

12:00 The Holy Bible as a cloud system. The Code of Law text developed as a social platform, accessible from any device and in any browser.       

Since 2004 has been creating solutions for publishers to earn money on digital products. The newest product by on the market is The Holy Bible cloud service prepared with Edycja Św. Pawła publishing house. This product gives users access to the most advanced engine based search on the contents of The Holy Bible and its commentaries. What is more, this solution is integrated with Facebook and Hangout. The Basic features are free of charge, some extra tools and content are available through numerical code entry. This service, very popular with the Polish catholic community, is distributed with a paperback of The Holy Bible. Additionally, Users have the possibility to obtain an  electronic version separately.

Speaker: Jakub Orczyk, Board Member,

Funmedia: Publishing e-learning content - How to reach 650 000 users within 2 years?

In this presentation I will discuss the experience and know-how necessary to gather a group of users willing to pay subscription fee for digital e-learning publications. I will tell you about the digital elements which particularly attract new customers and fully engage the existing ones. I will also tell you how a team consisting of linguists, native speakers and programmers has developed innovative e-learning language courses. They were all made based on our authorial method and algorithm, successfully applied in 52 countries.

Speaker: Pawel Czerwony, Board Member, Funmedia

PWN: Power of knowledge and innovation - Polish Scientific Publishers (WN PWN S.A.)

Since its establishment in 1951, PWN has been a reliable and trustworthy source of knowledge. PWN wants to increase its active presence in new areas and create innovative educational solutions. PWN is the first publisher of encyclopaedia and dictionary multimedia products in Poland. It is also the creator of the first e-book library IBUK Libra, which currently boasts over 25 thousands publications. The latest work of PWN, a platform for e-books designed for the blind and visually impaired - IBUK Libra Light is innovative on an international scale.

Speaker: Natalia Michałek, Head of Web Projects and Databases Department (WN PWN S.A.)

Yellow Dot: Enrich your publishing with interactive animated K12 numeracy skills activities

High-quality e-learning activities which can be embedded in educational digital publications or promotional materials. A resource base of 500 activities facilitating numeracy skills practice, logical thinking and memory.           

Speaker: Karolina Serafin-Synowiec, Business Development Manager, Yellow Dot

Maths in Use – Designing New Educational Multimedia for Classroom Use

Multimedia provide an excellent support for teaching difficult subjects such as mathematics and natural sciences to kindergarten and primary school students. “Maths in Use” series was designed for the interactive whiteboards and for the use in the classroom environment. It is a new type of a teaching tool created to support teachers in their work.

Speaker: Grzegorz Pielas, Learning Products Consultant,  Eduexpert Multimedia Publication

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