The ©POLAND Translation Program

Applications for the ©POLAND Translation Program should be submitted through the Internet form available below.

To fill in the form and the required attachments, the applicant must prepare:

  • information on the book to be published: the author, title, original publisher, original year of publication, and for selections and anthologies, a list of texts to be included in the book;
  • information on the translator: contact information and a list of previous translations;
  • information on the copyright purchasing costs (a non-refundable advance contained in the contract with the copyright holder);
  • information on the translation costs: the number of standardized pages (1,800 characters including spaces) for prose, and the number of poems for poetry, and the rate for the translation of one standardized page or one poem;
  • information on the printing costs: the number of copies and the printing cost per copy (solely for illustrated children’s books and comics);
  • information on the applicant: the publisher’s profile and/or catalogue;
  • the plan for the promotion and distribution of the book;
  • a scan of the signed contract with the copyright holder;
  • a scan of the signed contract with the translator.

Important notice!

The costs for purchasing the copyrights and the translations must clearly correlate with the attached contracts.

Submit your application here: