The ©POLAND Translation Program

The ©POLAND Translation Program aims to promote Polish literature throughout the world. It is aimed at foreign and Polish publishers interested in publishing Polish books in foreign-language translations.

The program includes:

  • literature – prose, poetry, and drama;
  • older and more recent works in the humanities in its broadest definition (with particular regard for books devoted to Polish culture and literature);
  • non-fiction literature (literary reportage, biographies, memoirs, essays);
  • history books (essays and popular history, not including specialist academic works);
  • literature for children and young people;
  • comic books.

The Book Institute’s support goes to financing the following publication costs:

1)      up to 100% of the costs of the translation of a work from Polish to another language;

2)      up to 100% of the costs of the purchase of the copyright license;

3)      up to 50% of the work’s printing costs – only for illustrated children’s books and comic books.

Eligible publishers will demonstrate capability and experience in publishing and distributing books in the region relevant to the book’s language, the intention to publish works of Polish literature into other languages and to distribute them in print and/or e-book and/or audiobook form outside of Poland.

Yearly applications can be submitted by publishers from 1 February to 31 March. The grant-winning applications will be chosen no later than 31 August the same year.

If funds are not entirely allocated during this round of applications further rounds of submissions may be called.

Submissions are to be made in electronic form using the application on the Book Institute web site.

The director of the Book Institute ultimately decides on signing the contract with the publisher.

If a submission is positively evaluated the Book Institute will sign a contract with the publisher for the publication and distribution of the title the publisher has selected.

The book should be published and accounts squared by the publisher no later than 30 November of the year following the submission deadline. The deadline for publication and squaring of accounts cannot be extended; should the publisher exceed this deadline, all of the Book Institute’s obligations to the publisher are annulled on the strength of this resolution.

“Squaring” herein signifies the publisher supplying the Book Institute with:

  • 10 copies of the published work featuring the Book Institute logo and the information that the book was published with support from the Book Institute – detailed instructions are contained in the contract;
  • one invoice issued by the publisher to the Book Institute for publishing services rendered containing the gross sum, i.e. with all relevant taxes, in the currency and amount specified in the contract;
  • written information on the print run of the published work and its means of distribution.

After the Book Institute confirms that the contract has been fulfilled and the squaring of accounts is correct the Book Institute’s financial support for publication costs as detailed in the contract will be transferred to the publisher’s bank account, as indicated in the invoice, in the currency established in the contract.

The Book Institute’s above-mentioned financial support can be transferred to the publisher no earlier than 2 January and no later than 31 December in the year following the submission of the application.