• fot. Bogdan Kuc

We are sending out an invitation to submit candidates for this year’s Trans-atlantyk Award.

This is the most important distinction for a promoter of Polish literature abroad, awarded by the Book Institute for thirteen years. It can be given to translators, publishers, critics, and cultural animators.

The award of 10,000 euro and the statuette by Łukasz Kieferling will be given by the chapter made up of: Stanley Bill, Laurence Dyèvre, Xenya Staroshyelska, Ewa Thompson, Maciej Urbanowski, and Alois Woldan. The head of the chapter will be the Book Institute director.

Candidates for the award must be citizens of other nations (including Poles with foreign passports). Submissions can be made by Polish and foreign cultural institutions, academic centers, publishing houses, creative associations, and private persons.

The winners of the Trans-atlantyk to date have been:

2005 - Henryk Bereska (Germany)
2006 - Anders Bodegård (Sweden)
2007 - Albrecht Lempp (Germany)
2008 - Xenya Staroshyelska (Russia)
2009 - Biserka Rajčić (Serbia)
2010 - Pietro Marchesani (Italy)
2011 - Vlasta Dvořáčková (Czechia)
2012 - Yi Lijun (China)
2013 - Karol Lesman (Holland)
2014 – Bill Johnston (USA)
2015 - Laurence Dyèvre (France)
2016 - Constantin Geambaşu (Romania)

Candidates can be submitted to the Book Institute (ul. Wróblewskiego 6, PL 31-148 Krakow, fax: +48 12 429 38 29) by post, fax, or e-mail (, until 31 March 2017.

Apart from a description of the candidate’s achievements, the submission should include his/her contact information, as well as that of the person making the submission. If a person is being nominated for the award for another time in succession, it suffices to make the submission by e-mail or to send in a supplement.

Additional information is available from Agnieszka Rasińska-Bóbr (tel +48 12 617 19 00).