Changes in the © POLAND Translation Program

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In response to requests from translators and publishers, the Book Institute is introducing long-awaited changes to the program regulations.

To date, publishers have had only a year to publish a work and clear accounts after receiving financial aid from the program. In the new regulations, this time period has been extended to two years. This means that if a publisher does not manage to release a work within the course of the year, he or she can receive permission to work on publishing the book during the following year.

The © POLAND Translation Program, aiming to promote Polish literature abroad, is a flagship project of the Book Institute. It is targeted at foreign and Polish publishers who are interested in publishing Polish books in foreign-language translations.

The program includes:

- Literature – prose, poetry, and drama;
- Historical and contemporary works of the humanities in their broadest definition (with particular regard for works devoted to Polish culture and literature);
- Non-fiction (literary reportage, biographies, memoirs, essays);
- Historical works (essays and popular history, not including standard specialist/academic works);
- Literature for children and young people;
- Comic books.

The Book Institute’s funds are allotted to finance partial costs of publishing a work, including:

1) the translation of a work from Polish to another language;
2) the purchase of copyrights;
3) the printing of a work.

Publishers qualifying to participate must possess ability and experience in publishing and distributing books in the linguistic region relevant to the submission; they must intend to publish works of Polish literature translated into other languages, and to distribute them in print and/or e-book and/or audiobook form outside of Polish territory.

Publishers can submit applications annually, until 31 March. The successful submissions will be announced not later than 31 August of the same year. If funds are not exhausted in a given round of submissions, further rounds may be announced. Submissions can be made by e-mail using the form at

The full text of the new regulations is here.